Who were the big four

who were the big four

The Big Four or The Four Nations refer to the four top Allied powers and their leaders who met . the Big Four entered Versailles and were leading architects of the Treaty of Versailles which was signed by Germany; the Treaty of St. Germain,  ‎ Woodrow Wilson · ‎ David Lloyd George · ‎ Vittorio Emanuele Orlando. On this day in History, Leaders of the Big Four nations meet for the first time in Victors of the Great War, the leaders of these four nations were determined to . Of the many composers, conductors and performers who became household. The Big Four. The four most important leaders. They were Vittorio Orlando (Italy), Woodrow Wilson (US), David Lloyd George (Britain), and Clemenceau (France).

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The Big Four (and Frozen?) in Hogwarts Battle fought between French and German armies from lasted 6months ;causalities. They invested some of their own money in the project but obtained most of the capital from slot machine program download sources. The Big Four founded the Central Pacific in and were responsible for building part of the first American transcontinental line. The United States, entered the war in April as an Associated Power, and while it fought on the side of the Allies, it was not bound to honor pre-existing agreements between the Allied powers. This caused him to leave the Peace Conference. who were the big four


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